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HemiSnake - Build Site

Considering this was partly my wife's idea, I figured I ougt to build this thing with a little safety in mind. Although E-M had 3 choices for rollbar options (shown below):

I decided to track down the designer/builder of a single loop, that could be cross-braced for SCCA events. The shop was Emerson Motorsports owned by Bill Emerson, a great guy who was more than willing to help. He created and polished a 4" bar and shipped it to Gessford for welding in only a few weeks... I sure hope it fits on my E-M chassis!

The 2 shots above are of the rollbar on my chassis. We are still trying to decide how to mount it and still keep it effective.

This is a shot of the bar before it is polished

SCCA bracing - I'm getting one of these

Hoops all made by Emereson

Some shot I found that has one of these bars