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HemiSnake - Build Site

After I returned from Everett-Morrison, I had to pick an engine to go in the Cobra. I have always been a HEMI fan, but never owned one.

In 1993, Mopar decided to start re-releasing the HEMI as a Crate Motor. The 426 is still the most popular, but George talked me into the 528 (I think he said we need the aluminum heads to save weight :) Anyway, we landed on the 528 and finding one these was not the best experience.

Although I saw several "in stock" ads all over the internet, it seemed that Mopar (outsourced the build to Cummins) was delaying the release of these for over 6 months. By the time I found out, I already had my deposit down so there was no turning back. I would not recommend the place where I bought my engine but their price was over $1,000 less than anywhere else and shipping was 50%.

Here are some shots taken during the modification process (January 2002)