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HemiSnake - Build Site

This is an article I found while doing some research on the 426. The 426 is the same engine as the 528 except the cam, crank, compression, heads, valve covers and a few other beefy add ons. (Same engine huh? - I guess I meant same block!)

If you can't read the article, that's because your on the web and you are only supposed to be looking at pictures... go buy the magazine if you need higher quality (High Performance Mopar 11/2000)

This a story someone sent me (location) that I thought would be interesting reading.

You can go to your local Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge-Jeep-Mercedes dealer and order a an over-the-counter Mopar Performance 528-cubic-inch Hemi Crate Motor for $16,975. Imagine dropping that motor into a chassis, and have your 100 mph speedo needle make three revolutions around the dial. One question, Do you have the balls to do that?

'Course you don't just drop the 610 horsepower/650 ft-lb torque Motor into just any body, like, say a 1971 Cuda, and expect to run the numbers. Besides you can't drive a 300 mph car down your local freeway. I don't think the "smokeys" will like that too well. So you got to hand build a racecar. Take the car, and your family to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Kick her down for five straight miles and hang on to your ass! Dave Dozer was able to make four runs at over 300 mph with a best pass averaging 300.434 mph over a mile distance, and achieve a top speed of 305 mph. He made all those records with his basically stock Crate Motor.

The prototype 528 Hemi, MP Part No. P4876690 was delivered to Dick Landy for assembly before being sent to Dave. The Elephant motor at 611 HP @ 6000 rpm/650 ft-lb torque. Dave received the engine 7 days prior to leaving for the Salt.

Dave substituted a solid lifter cam for the juice stick because of the extended high rpm. It specs in at 296 deg duration/ .572-.557-in. lift.

Next Dave installed a low profile oil pan in order to fit the requirements of the racecar. An air box was installed and fuctioned like a fresh air setup on any '71 Charger or Road Runner. It scooped air at 2.5 psi, at 300 mph. Dave did pretty good at Boneville. Maybe next year he'll go even faster and break more records with the 528 Hemi Crate Motor!